What is Development?

What is Development?

What is Development?

From a human perspective, development is the study of the potential of being human.

The Four Quadrants, STAGES, and the Enneagram are frameworks that map where we came from and point to what’s possible as human beings.

Those well-known for their exploration of human potential and for creating frameworks to document their findings include Ken Wilber, Terry O’Fallen, A.H. Almaas.

The value of learning development-frameworks is that they can be used to support people to build self-awareness and gain clarity on where to focus their development.

Humans tend to be very curious about who and what they are. A young child is curious about its physical form, teenagers are interested in their own identity and expression, and at some point humans become interested in the process of human development itself.

When humans become interested in human development we call this the development drive. This drive transcends and includes the drive for success, and this is where they are beginning to explore their potential.

To learn more about these developmental frameworks, the following bite size self-study programs: The Four Quadrants and The Enneagram provide concise overviews, and explore how to apply these methodologies as you lead in the workplace, in the home-space and in the community.

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