What are 5 ways to develop your potential?

What are 5 Ways to Develop Your Potential?

Development is a continuous unfoldment.

Many people have a developmental plan and an intention to develop. There can be clear action and clear intention, and yet what can be missing is a knowing of what specifically to focus on.

If that is true for you, right now where you are, explore the depth and breadth of your current experiences and situations.

1. Get clear on your development strengths and gaps.

How do you know what to focus your development on to get the most value? Do you know your blindspots? These are not always easy to see. Sometimes having someone to work with can help to highlight these aspects.

2. Create a development plan

As you create a plan, remember the importance of knowing your why. When your intention is clear you are more likely to commit to a plan of action.

3. Study yourself

Who are you? What self are you talking about? What matters to you? Only you know what matters to you. Start there.

What are 5 ways to develop your potential?

4. Build knowledge and skills

What’s necessary to be able to lead in the world? A navigation system and an ability to navigate. Sometimes we can miss the importance of navigating the inner world. Check you are using a universal framework and build your internal and external capacities.

5. Seek feedback and apply

Development is a holistic process. Self reflection and feedback from others (formally and informally) requires an openness and readiness to look, receive and apply.

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Written by Soo Balbi and Eimer Boyle

Soo and Eimer are development specialists and have a combined 40 years of experience facilitating and coaching in the area of human development. Two of Australia’s leading Developmental Coaches, they support individuals and teams within organisations to perform at their best, and awaken leaders to their true capabilities.

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