She Leads online series
— developing your leadership potential

She Leads is an online space to be together regularly with other women like you, where you can challenge yourself, explore your potential, and gain clarity about leading effectively across all contexts of life.



Why She Leads?

She Leads was launched in 2019, providing a free monthly forum for women to discuss a wide range of topics relating to leadership.

The initiative emerged because having worked in coaching and facilitator roles in the area of leadership for many years now, we noticed the benefit of being together in regular dialogue in a group format in addition to 1:1 coaching conversations. A collective commitment to realise the potential we all have.

Participants are open to share and explore leadership challenges they’re facing, grounding the conversations in real-life scenarios relatable to all.

What participants
are saying

“Soo and Eimer use a different way of talking about leading and key development areas that can be applied in any aspects of life. Their insights help us identify restrictive lenses and we discuss real-life challenges and blind spots that hold us back in a supportive environment where we can be true to ourselves.” Miriam Sanchez-Blanco

“She Leads is skillfully facilitated by Soo and Eimer. They stimulate energy and input, welcome different perspectives and create quality conversations. Whether I share a little or a lot I always enjoy the discussion and leave each session feeling upbeat and in place of possibility, which is a great way to start the day.” Roxanne Walker

“I look forward to attending She Leads. It’s refreshing to discuss various topics of leadership and development with women from all over the world. It encourages me to consider things from a much broader perspective in a judgement free space. I always come away with having learnt something about myself, and with steps / tools that I can use to get better outcomes. It’s good to know others experience the same challenges and issues.” Helene Weyers

Become part of the

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    What are you looking for from the She Leads Community?

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    We recognise and optimise
    the leverage points of

    • An integral perspective
    • Developing Lines of development
    • Potential with and beyond the patterns of thinking and personality
    • Conversations that matter in the moment
    • Managing the necessary and leading as a priority
    • Creating and utilising networks
    • Power and influence dynamics of people and position
    • Cultivating and leading culture
    • Responsive rather than reactive style
    • Objectivity versus subjectivity

    How to know if this
    series is a good fit

    • You’re ready to explore your leadership potential
    • You are a self-motivated learner hungry for development
    • You like group learning and want a community space to be a part of and brainstorm with.
    • You value direct feedback and robust discussions
    • You’re ok to be on zoom with your camera on
    • This program caters both for those who currently hold a leadership role and those who do not

    Your facilitators

    Soo Balbi & Eimer Boyle

    Soo and Eimer have a combined 35 years of experience facilitating and coaching in the area of human development.

    Over our years of facilitating workshops, we have seen the benefit of women being together in regular dialogue in a group format in addition to their one-on-one development conversations.

    Find out more about our facilitators below.