Overcoming resistance to change
— Explore the ‘Immunity To Change’ model to uncover hidden blindspots

Change can be hard. Using Robert Kegan’s ‘Immunity to Change’ model explore why many crucial change efforts fail, and what you can do about it.

Program overview

The program is for leaders who are motivated to change, want a deeper understanding of the factors that will make the change process a success, and are looking for a process to follow that helps identify blind spots.

The content is approximately half an hour of self paced learning.

This program will
help you in resolving

  • Frustration when people don’t do what they agreed to do.
  • The cycle of repeatedly falling back into old habits.
  • Getting to the heart of why people are resisting change.
  • People give you all sorts of reasons why they don’t want to change.
  • Keeping the change momentum going on big and complicated projects
  • Where to go when you feel stuck in the change process.
  • Having to cajole your team to make things happen.
  • The experience of being your own worst enemy.

Through this program
you’ll be able to

  • Gain clarity as to why your team resists change
  • Understand why I find it so hard to change
  • Keep going and make the change you want to make
  • Understand deep aspects of myself and build self-awareness
  • Find a methodology to add to your leadership toolkit to use with your team
  • Feel confident as you lead change
  • Be able to get to the heart of the matter

What you’ll receive

You’ll receive all of the following:

  • 5 video lessons of content
  • Journal template
  • ITC worksheet
  • Testing assumptions worksheet
  • List of additional resources

Be clear on the terms and conditions before you apply.

How to know if this
program is a good fit

  • You like to study at your own pace
  • You want a change process to follow
  • You’re frustrated by resistance to change
  • You want to make leading easier
  • You want to better understand yourself
  • You’re a self-motivated learner hungry for development
  • You want to fully express you potential

Program format

Overview of lessons:

1. What does change mean to you?
2. Immunity to Change Background
3. How Immunity to Change Works
4. Testing Assumptions
5. Applications

An online learning module with a watch-time of approximately 30 minutes. Work at your own pace. No personalised interaction – if you’d like one-on-one feedback consider booking 3 x Leadership Clarity Conversations at a discounted rate when  purchasing this program.



Your facilitators

Soo Balbi & Eimer Boyle

We have a combined 35 years of experience facilitating and coaching in the area of human development.

Over our years of facilitating workshops, we have seen the benefit of women being together in regular dialogue in a group format in addition to their one-on-one development conversations.

We are delighted to now offer some self-study options to support your growth and development.

For those interested, find out more about us below.