Imposter Syndrome

For those who know they self-sabotage and are seeking clarity on how to stop. An online self study program facilitating freedom from a self sabotaging mindset.

Program overview

This is an online self study program facilitating freedom from a self sabotaging mindset.

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome will help you resolve:

  • A constant striving that never seems to be enough
  • Fear of being caught out as a fraud
  • Frequent comparisons and a sense of not measuring up
  • A lack of confidence to pursue opportunities
  • Mindsets like ‘I can’t do this’, ‘I’m not enough’, ‘I don’t deserve this’
  • A discomfort with self-promotion, despite wanting to progress your career
  • Having to do things perfectly first time to feel a sense of worth
  • Idealising others, whilst highlighting your own perceived shortcomings

Through this program
you’ll be able to

  • Understand how self sabotage occurs in mind
  • Overcome self-doubt and seize advancement opportunities
  • Get comfortable being uncomfortable when performing a new role
  • More confidently take risks and try new things
  • Acknowledge your skills, competencies and talents
  • Find your voice and confidently share your perspective
  • Embrace mistakes and ask for feedback so you can learn and grow from experience

What you’ll receive

Included in this self-paced online learning module:

  • 7 x lessons
  • PDF insight template journal
  • Self-assessment questionnaire
  • Downloadable practices
  • Additional reading resources

Additional 3 x one-on-one coaching available on request at a discounted rate.

Be clear on the terms and conditions before you apply.

How to know if this
program is a good fit

  • You like to study at your own pace
  • You want to better understand yourself
  • You’re exhausted from being triggered
  • You’re tired of overthinking
  • You’re a self-motivated learner hungry for development
  • You want to fully express you potential
  • You want to relax and be you

Your facilitator

Soo Balbi

Soo has 15 years of experience facilitating and coaching in the area of human development. Find out more about your facilitator below.