Let Your Vision Unfold

Let Your Vision Unfold

Leading is being creative. It’s looking at how things are and imagining how things could be better (more effective, less costly, take less time…). Its formulating a vision that mismatches the status quo.

In the process of bringing your vision to life, it’s important to have an intention not an expectation. They are quite different things.

An expectation is a belief that what I imagine in mind will happen, has to happen.

The difference is understanding that what you’re creating in mind is merely a possibility. It’s not even probable.

Think about it… it’s not probable that you can predict anything in the future. If you could, you’d have cashed in with Lotto by now, and would be too busy living the life to read this post.

So then why have a vision? Because it sets a direction. If you don’t take a step towards something, it’s not coming any closer to you.

The point of having a vision is to create movement that brings about a new way of being and doing taking your organisation, your team, or you as an individual to the edge of your comfort zone.

Whether things turn out exactly the way you first planned is not the point. In fact, holding onto a vision too tightly means there’s no room for the discoveries along the way to inform and guide you to your best outcome.

I’ve seen this play out in companies over and over where the vision is held as a holy grail. When an obstacle is encountered, or something happens that suggests a different pathway, rather than utilise feedback to enrich and inform, the blame game starts and scapegoats are found. Any chance for the vision to evolve is lost.

As a leader its up to you to assess challenges along the way to see how you can use them to improve and strengthen your original vision, allowing it to unfold and evolve as a process.

If you want to create an optimal outcome for your vision, have an intention that drives, not an expectation that restricts.

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