At UXL Coaching, we provide both individual and corporate developmental programs that make life-changing differences in the real world.

Clients engage us because we make a marked difference in all contexts of their experience: in their professional and personal lives, as well as in their organisation’s effectiveness.

Soo Balbi
Development Specialist, Facilitator + Coach

Soo has over twenty years’ experience in human development, coaching and facilitating individuals and groups here in Sydney, across Australia and worldwide. One of Australia’s leading developmental Coaches Soo supports individuals and teams within organisations to perform at their best, and waken leaders to the true capabilities.

When not coaching, facilitating or learning, Soo spends much of her time with family, creating art, and enjoying the many outdoor delights of Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Qualifications include:

  • Associated Certified Mega-Coach
  • Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Semantics and & NLP
  • Certified Integral-Semantic Facilitator
  • Certified Developmental Coach
  • Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Coaching

that will work for you

Two key Integral models are used. First, the AQAL model which stands for all quadrants, all levels, all lines, all states, and all types. This is the primary lens used to get to know a client and appreciate their unique world. Second, the ‘Transcend and Include’ or ‘Subjective / Objective’ developmental model (Wilbur / Kegan). A developmental path of bringing into awareness that which has been running outside of awareness.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is the study of subjectivity, or put another way, how to run your own brain rather than it running you. Brought to the coaching process it allows clients to get objective to and also quality check their current mindset, meanings and map of reality. By applying this discernment clients are enabled to embody their most resourceful meanings, access their best selves and unleash their peak performance.

Transpersonal Coaching takes a holistic and integrative approach to facilitating transformation, taking you into the playing field of possibility. By transcending  ego which by its very nature is resistant to change, this process taps into your essential wisdom for guidance and honours inner knowing, which engages creativity and power.

Our approach to lasting change

Step 1.

You want change. To create a road-map to your destination, we’ll clarify where you are now, pinpoint where you want to go, and access powerful meanings to drive you there.

Step 2.

We’ll identify blind spots, quality-check thinking, and explore wider perspectives allowing for better outcomes, whilst utilising what’s working, and attending to aspects hindering development.

Step 3.

Greater awareness and perspective allow a new way-of-being to emerge, different choices are made, feedback loops set up to support change, and a new stage of development is established.

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